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What Others Are Saying.

“For anyone looking to increase their mojo at work, in your relationships and for the entrepreneur in you, this book is worth the read to get you inspired and motivated to navigate the obstacles to reach the finish line with all your goals, dreams, and aspirations.”

—June Archer, TV personality, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur

“Michael T. Jordan explains a clear path to success for all leaders—focus on the fundamentals, establish productive habits, and improve one thing at a time.”

—Scott D. Ford, RFC. Managing Director, Partner, and Wealth Advisor Carson Wealth Hagerstown, Maryland, and Carson Wealth Johnson City, Tennessee

“In sharing powerful personal stories on how he learned how to lean into curiosity, find joy in pursuit of goals, and define success every day, Jordan provides scaffolding onto which leaders can build a sustainable, purpose-driven career … and life." 

— Beth Vrabel, author of critically acclaimed and award-winning books for young readers, including To Tell You the Truth, Caleb and Kit and The Newspaper Club series

“Read this book with a highlighter or a pen in hand to mark the nuggets of wisdom. M.J. is successful for a reason. In Mojo Momentum, he gives you an insider’s look into what got him there.” 

—Roger Hall, Ph.D., business psychologist and author of Staying Happy, Being Productive

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